Meet the wealthy special interests pulling Andrew Scheer’s strings

May 31, 2019

Like many of today’s Conservative politicians, Andrew Scheer talks a good game about fighting for ordinary people. But talk is cheap.

When you take a closer look, it becomes clear: Scheer is all about saying “yes” to the billionaire and millionaire class — and “no” the middle-class and working families.

Here are just some of the wealthy special interests Scheer would be listening to if he became Canada’s next Prime Minister:

Supporters of health care privatization. In April, Scheer’s inner-circle of Conservative MPs — including “the next Finance Minister” Pierre Poilievre — were caught hosting a $250-a-head fundraiser to promote health care privatization dubbed “The Business of Healthcare.” Canadians overwhelmingly reject US-style private healthcare, but can we really trust Scheer to listen to us and not big money donors who pay for access to his shadow cabinet?

Big oil & gas CEOs. From flooding in Ontario and wildfires in Western Canada, many communities are facing an increase of natural disasters linked to climate change. Instead of proposing solutions, Andrew Scheer is busy getting cozy with big polluters. Last week, he was reportedly talking energy policy with Imperial Oil’s top executive at the Chateau Laurier. The meeting comes less than a month after he refused to apologize for attending a secret, day-long election campaign strategy session with oil executives at an exclusive Alberta resort.

Donald Trump’s operatives. Back to that secret election strategy session for a minute: Scheer delivered the keynote address and it was attended not only by CEOs of big oil companies, but also by a key operative from the Trump Administration — Mike Roman. Mr. Roman is Trump’s special advisor for research and is said to provide “surveillance and intelligence gathering” on opponents. He also advises Trump on how to influence Canadian politics.

Real Estate executives. As the Globe and Mail reported, “Mr. Scheer held a private fundraiser with up to 17 real estate and business executives, who later each donated between $750 and $1,550 to his leadership campaign. George Hofstedter, president of Toronto real-estate developer Lindvest, confirmed that such an event occurred.” This has led to fears Scheer’s Conservatives would put the interests of wealthy developers over working families who are feeling squeezed by the lack of affordable housing in Canada.

Let’s face it: because Andrew Scheer is a weak leader, he would have real problems standing up to these powerful special interests or saying no to the tax cuts, giveaways, and handouts they want. As Prime Minister, he would say yes to everything they’re demanding and stick you with the tab in the form of cuts to the services you rely on—like health care. His weakness will cost you.

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