Who would Prime Minister Andrew Scheer have on speed dial?

Jun 06, 2019

The Prime Minister of Canada has to deal with some really big issues...

Middle class families struggling with the cost of living. Extreme weather caused by climate change. Threats to our universally accessible healthcare system. And so many more. That’s why it’s important for Canadians to ask their candidates “who you gonna call?” when a crisis hits.

Let’s take a look who Andrew Scheer has on speed dial, and who would be telling him what to do as Prime Minister:

Big business special interests. Do we really want our Prime Minister taking cues from the big polluters on the climate crisis or wealthy developers on the housing affordability crisis? Or how about getting on the horn with insurance companies about health care wait lists instead of talking to doctors, nurses, and patients? That’s a real risk: In just the last few months, Andrew Scheer has been caught cozying up and selling access to big oil CEOs, real estate executives, and supporters of health care privatization.

Conservative premiers—like Doug Ford. In his first year in office, Doug Ford has hatched a secret plan to privatize health services, fired over 3,000 teachers, and cut funding for children with autism. Shockingly, Scheer thinks Ford’s policies “put people first” and has openly admitted he has the same goals as Ford. Imagine what more damage Ford could do with a lapdog in Ottawa cheering him on?

Stephen Harper. Andrew’s old boss and political mentor is likely on his “call in case of emergency” list. That’s the same Stephen Harper we gave the boot to less than four years ago. The same guy who cut taxes for the wealthiest corporations while cutting services we rely on could once again be behind the scenes calling the shots in Ottawa — if we elected Andrew Scheer as the next Prime Minister.  

The gun lobby. During leadership race, Andrew Scheer declared it would be open season on gun control laws and regulations – including stripping away the RCMPs ability to reclassify dangerous weapons and allowing larger sized ammunition magazines. He has been welcomed with open arms by leading gun rights groups, including giving a keynote address to the annual “Stick To Your Guns” fundraising dinner in Saskatoon.

Anti-abortion activists. Andrew Scheer’s leadership victory was celebrated by socially conservative anti-abortion groups who helped put him over the top. Scheer admits he’s “always voted in favour of pro-life legislation” and despite promising not to re-open the abortion debate, he has told his anti-abortion MPs he’ll let them do just that. In an interview with RightNow, Scheer said he’d let his caucus introduce legislation on abortion and give his MPs — including cabinet members — a free vote.

If we don’t stop Andrew Scheer, these powerful special interests will be calling the shots in Ottawa. Scheer’s weakness could cost us our public health care services, our retirement security, and even a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

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