New Ad: Andrew Scheer - Lapdog to Doug Ford

We’ve launched a major new radio ad in Ontario—thanks to the generous support of our grassroots donors.

Doug Ford is plotting to privatize our healthcare—and Scheer won’t stop him

There’s nothing Canadians cherish more than our public, “medicare for all” health system.

Meet the wealthy special interests pulling Andrew Scheer’s strings

Like many of today’s Conservative politicians, Andrew Scheer talks a good game about fighting for ordinary people. But talk is cheap.

4 things Andrew Scheer’s weakness will cost you—unless we stop him

Since being elected Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer has been clear about one thing: His priority is cutting taxes for the wealthiest Canadians and big business.

Have you heard of Andrew Scheer?

Have you met Andrew Scheer? He wants to be our next Prime Minister.

Here’s what we know about him so far:

3 things Doug Ford did that show us what to expect from Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer takes his cues from people like Doug Ford, and that’s bad news for all of us. Here are three things that show us what we can expect from Andrew Scheer: