New Ad: Andrew Scheer - Lapdog to Doug Ford

Jun 04, 2019

We’ve launched a major new radio ad in Ontario—thanks to the generous support of our grassroots donors.

Doug Ford's cuts to healthcare and education are hurting families, and it could get even worse. Andrew Scheer is a lapdog to Doug Ford, which could mean even more cuts. Listen & share with you friends.

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Slash and Burn Radio Ad

The Conservatives running everything means Doug Ford running everything — that’s the message of our new radio ad.

6 things Conservatives cut the last time they had the chance

While Andrew Scheer is their new leader, insiders concede that “Stephen Harper continues to play a big role behind the scenes” in the Conservative Party of Canada.

Engage Canada In The news: What They’re Saying

It has been just over three weeks since we launched our grassroots campaign to expose Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and fight back against the big money, right-wing PACs hoping to make him Prime Minister.