Engage Canada In The news: What They’re Saying

Jun 18, 2019

It has been just over three weeks since we launched our grassroots campaign to expose Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and fight back against the big money, right-wing PACs hoping to make him Prime Minister.

But in that short amount of time, we’ve turned the political conversation in Canada on its head.

Pundits and political watchers are now talking about Scheer’s “flaccid performance” as leader, and our ads have put the Conservative campaign machine on the defensive. Here’s just some of what they’re saying about Engage Canada in the news:

“Conservative opponents seem to have found a winner: Scheer as Ontario Premier Doug Ford's lapdog. It's simple, digestible and might already be having an effect on voter intentions … That's why Engage Canada bought ad time during the NBA Finals between the Raptors and Golden State to warn Canadians that "Scheer will never stand up to Ford," and that he will follow Ford's path of cuts to health care and education.” Robyn Urback, CBC News

“The day after millions of Canadian basketball fans saw attack ads portraying Andrew Scheer as a puppet of Premier Doug Ford, the federal Conservative leader insists he is his ‘own’ man … Engage Canada, a union-backed progressive coalition, aired U.S.-style attack ads linking the two Conservatives during Monday's Toronto Raptors-Golden State Warriors NBA Finals game.” Robert Benzie, Toronto Star

“The Engage Canada ads accomplished two points. They were timed for a maximum number of viewers and they contributed to speculation about Andrew Scheer. After two years as opposition leader and four years as the youngest speaker of the House of Commons, his political personality remains quiet. Unfortunately for him, at least two Conservative premiers, Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, are noisy.” Penny Collenette, Former Senior PMO director

“This is the second attack ad by Engage Canada that has aired during the NBA Finals. The first advertisement, which originally aired on Monday, accused Scheer of ‘hiding something’ and said that he would follow Ford’s direction of cutting health care and education funding. Engage Canada managed to reach an audience of about 6.4 million Canadians during Game 5.” Katherine DeClerq, CTV News

“Conservative Andrew Scheer is being painted in a new attack ad as a weak leader who will give tax breaks to the rich and slash health care services … In the 30-second ad, a Scheer bobblehead smiles through accusations that he said yes to tax cuts for the richest Canadians, that he would say yes to tax cuts for big business, and an allegation he would cut health care services, as Ontario Premier Doug Ford attempted to do.” Althia Raj, Huffington Post Canada

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