What They’re Saying About Andrew Scheer’s Weakness

Jun 11, 2019

Andrew Scheer wants to be Canada’s next Prime Minister — and if you believe the polls, that’s a very real possibility. But what do Canadians know about him?

Scheer’s beliefs have been described as “more conservative than Harper’s” and he has faced criticism that he’s too weak to stand up to wealthy special interests, right-wing premier’s like Doug Ford, or extremists in his own party.

Here’s what political watchers are saying about Andrew Scheer’s lack of leadership:

“Scheer is a weak man; his opportunism smacks not of calculation, but of desperation … He has yet to demonstrate that he has the temperament and nerve to keep the politically-incorrect, angry base of the Conservatives in check.” Allan Freeman, iPolitics

“The leader of the official opposition almost always looks weak, as Scheer sometimes does … In addition to the structural weakness built into the job, Scheer also has to try to stand out on a stage crowded with right-wing rivals. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney are chewing up scenery in the middle of the stage; Stephen Harper continues to play a big role behind the scenes.” Stephen Maher, Maclean’s

“This isn’t about censorship, or political correctness. It’s about judgment, and choices. Scheer has been too eager to appease, or too afraid to offend, a section of opinion that is at best filled with fear and at worst filled with hate.” Andrew Coyne, National Post

“Scheer's kid glove treatment of St. Albert MP sends all the wrong messages … Instead, by giving only a wrist slap to Cooper, Scheer has sent the wrong kind of message to voters already nervous the party is unwilling to get tough with extremist viewpoints in its midst.” Keith Gerein, Edmonton Journal

If Andrew Scheer has such a problem showing leadership and standing up to people in his own party, can we really trust him to stand for what matters to the rest of us? From healthcare and education to core Canadian values, Scheer’s weakness could end up costing us a lot.

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