“Get the picture?” TV AD

Jun 10, 2019

The battle between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors won't be the only one Canadians will see during Game 5 of the NBA finals.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is hiding something, and we are letting voters in on his real agenda. This major new ad-buy is a slam dunk opportunity for us to help Canadians understand that a vote for Andrew Scheer is a vote for someone who would follow Doug Ford and his cuts. Scheer will never stand up to Ford — and that weakness will cost you.

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Slash and Burn Radio Ad

The Conservatives running everything means Doug Ford running everything — that’s the message of our new radio ad.

6 things Conservatives cut the last time they had the chance

While Andrew Scheer is their new leader, insiders concede that “Stephen Harper continues to play a big role behind the scenes” in the Conservative Party of Canada.

Engage Canada In The news: What They’re Saying

It has been just over three weeks since we launched our grassroots campaign to expose Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and fight back against the big money, right-wing PACs hoping to make him Prime Minister.